Brand Development & Positioning

Companies grow and change over time. As they grow, the goals may change too. Sometimes this natural evolution can lead to a disconnect between the company and its brand. We helped numerous companies navigate the challenges that business growth can represent for their branding and brand strategies. Check out some of the clients we've worked with below:


Daire Success Coaching ReBrand

Alissa Daire Nelson is an incredible Certified Strengths Coach, public speaker, and host of hit podcast, "Maximize Your Strengths". While she knew she was a personal brand, she wasn't putting herself out there, because she didn't want to seem arrogant.

After discussing her goals to become a public speaker, launch her book, and grow her coaching practice, we evaluated her branding as well as who she was targeting. She needed to be unapologetic about her branding, let her clients get to know her, and put herself out there.

Since her rebrand, Alissa's confidence has skyrocketed, she's done keynote speeches for large organizations (such as Polka Dot Powerhouse), hired a PR agent and has been featured as an expert multiple times on major news outlets (like KARE 11) and well-known podcasts. Alissa's killin' it and it's all because she made the choice to embrace her built-in brand and go for it.

Custom COntent Solutions Site Update & Course Branding

Cari Twitchell, owner of Custom Content Solutions, created an amazing copywriting course and needed help creating the branding for her course materials. She wanted them to look good, but they also needed work with her existing brand.

We decided a website makeover designed to help her reach new clients and promote her course was in order. We kept the colors and fonts cohesive, but gave the course material its own style and unique logo. We're able to promote the courses as a stand-alone product, but also advertise them on her parent site without causing confusion.

Loving Cup TEas Rebrand

Marissa Lindh Augustin started Loving Cup Teas because she wanted to make a living bringing her favorite loose leaf tea blends to tea lovers everywhere.

As her business began to grow, so did her goals. Her branding needed an update. This meant a new logo, new packaging, and a website with a more professional look to appeal to a broader market online, as well as potential wholesalers and corporate clients.

She's put in a lot of work to grow her business and investing in branding that supports her goals was the next natural step.