Keep in Touch with Your Audience

But When you DO...

Make sure that you have something interesting to say! If your idea of email marketing is throwing out a newsletter once a month, chances are it's ineffective. So, how's your click-through rate on your call-to-actions? Do your site visits spike after your email? Does your phone ring more frequently? In short, is it helping, or are you just "sending out emails"?

Many email marketers will try to convince you about the effectiveness of email marketing by quoting stats like "email marketing still gets a 20% open rate". And for email, that's pretty good! However, you won't hear a lot of them talk about the click-through rate, or in other words, how frequently the readers click on links and call-to-actions within the email. As a marketer, if I see a click rate of 2 - 3%, which is honestly about average, that's a problem. If only 20% of your list is opening your emails, and then only 2 to 3% are actually clicking through, I'd say it's time to try something new.

Email marketing isn't an exact science, but through analysis and testing, improvements can be made. One of our clients recently saw a 17% click-through rate on an open house email we sent out to let interested potential buyers know about a new listing. Not too shabby! The click rate was higher than average, because we used images, graphics, and copy to showcase the house to people interested in buying a house! What an amazing breakthrough!

Look, we'd love to help you figure out if your email is talking to the right people, presented the right way, and saying the right things. If you'd like to see what we could do for your email marketing, give us a call and let's chat