Thanks for listening to Heather Coughenour on Maximize Your Strengths, Episode 101!

Recently, our founder, Heather Coughenour (sounds like Coke-an-Hour for those of you wondering) had the opportunity to sit down and talk about one her favorite subjects (branding) with one of her favorite people (Alissa Daire Nelson)! Alissa's podcast, "Maximize Your Strengths" has been part of Heather's Monday morning routine for a quite some time and she was thrilled to be invited back as a guest for episode 101. So why not offer a checklist for branding that covers the basics (and a few intermediate things to look out for)? Kind of like a branding 101 (oh yeah... totally intentional).

Here at Rebel 42, we believe that the purpose of every business (and its brand) is to create and serve customers. If customers aren't picking up the phone and people aren't talking about your business, there's a problem and you're in big trouble! Somewhere along the way, there's been a disconnect between what you say your business does and what your customers think it does. If your intended message is either too "safe", or just isn't hitting the mark, people will just stop responding to it. We hate seeing business owners trying so damned hard and still struggling to make it work! 

Now, maybe you're starting a new business or you're new to branding and you just want a checklist to make sure you haven't missed anything. Go ahead and click the button on your left.

Then again, maybe you're in the same boat as one of those "struggling business owners" and you just want a professional to look at your business (from your customer's perspective) and tell you what's going on! If you're in camp "this-sucks-a-lot", click the button on the right, and schedule a 30-minute phone call to talk to Heather yourself (yes, it's free too - but only for the first 25 people)! Either way, we hope you're on your way to taking names and kicking some branding ass.