The Winding Road of Copywriting & Branding


Our Start

It all started when our tax lady, Rebecca, asked us what we thought of her logo. She had paid a few thousand dollars for a clipart logo, business cards, and stationary, but she didn't feel like it represented her company. As Rebecca began describing what she'd like to see, my wife, Heather (our Branding Expert) did a quick sketch on the corner of a notepad. Rebecca loved it, and we were able to create a logo that was unique, and customized to reflect her company.

As we drove home, we talked about how often we had seen small business owners spend thousands for branding and marketing that wasn't unique to the company, or even effective. To be honest, our blood began to boil.

Heather had been working in sales and marketing. She'd seen first-hand the frustration and difficulties small business owners experience trying to make ends meet, while desperately seeking marketing channels that work. She's always been passionate about helping small businesses strategically brand and position themselves to succeed.

Personally, as an English major, I had always been bothered by ad copy that seemed boring, or too "car salesman-y". I was convinced (and I still am) that that kind of copy would lead to few, if any, sales. More money wasted in the hopes of making something happen that most likely... wouldn't. 

We decided to combine our passions for powerful copy and branding, and put our educations (and experience) to work helping small business owners stand out, and attract the right clients. That's how our company was born.

Years later, our focus has shifted even deeper into branding and copywriting. Over the years, we've helped so many business owners find their brand's voice and personality. We still geek out every time we finish a project and the client walks away happy. We're looking forward to many more years, and helping many more clients. Cheers!

What our clients have to say

I hired Rebel 42 to develop and design the full branding for a personal project. I worked closely with Heather to collaborate and create something that was true to my vision while maximizing her creative ideas. The communication was ongoing, the process was fast and easy, and the result was very rewarding - I loved what she created! Absolutely recommended.
— Laine Torres Bartley, Owner of Laine Torres Photography, LLC

The duo team behind this company is amazing. So talented at what they do. They offer suggestions and definitely listen to your opinions and wants for your business! I highly recommend them to everyone...a real class act!! You will not be disappointed.
— Kryston Haag-Ludwig, Owner of JoJo's Pitter Patter Daycare

Rebel 42 has been instrumental in doubling our online exposure.
— Dawnfelice Warneke, Editor in Chief at MnUps Magazine

We'd love to work with you

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