We Believe Every Business Deserves a Brand That Goes Above and Beyond

Rebel 42 Design Agency was founded by Jeff and Heather Coughenour in 2014. They believe that every business is unique and deserves to have a rockstar brand. It's been the mission of Rebel 42 to help businesses use their brand to step to the front of the stage, draw the right crowds, and connect with their audience.

If you want a brand that attracts the right customers, helps you achieve your business goals, and gets you to the next level, send us a text, or call us at 612-481-3254 and let's get to work

Meet the Founders

Heather Coughenour

Founder, Brand Fanatic, and Sass Master
Heather went to the Academy of Art University for Illustration while working full-time and raising 3 small children as a single mom. She spent the next few years working in sales and marketing, and began taking on graphic design projects.

She's since remarried an amazing man, Jeff Coughenour, and they've added an adorable toddler to their larger than life family.

In 2014, she finally decided to pursue her biggest dream - becoming an entrepreneur and created Rebel 42 and dragged her husband in as her partner-in-crime. Heather's drive is to give others the tools they need to find what they really want in business (and their branding) and to absolutely nail it. She uses her marketing and design background to help business owners identify their "golden egg" and create a truly unapologetic brand!

Jeff Coughenour

Founder of Damn Good Copywriting and Low-Key Badass
Jeff graduated Penn State University as an English Major and moved from Pennsylvania to Minnesota in 2012.

When Heather dragged him into entrepreneurship in 2014, he found that he was pretty damned good at it! So good, in fact, that he decided to head up their sister company, Damn Good Copywriting in 2017.

Jeff is passionate about writing copy for edgier business owners that love to put themselves out there and aren't afraid to be who they really are. That's why he says he writes for "rebels, mavericks, and trailblazers."